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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Chadraabal WIP2.jpeg
Chadrabaal wood .JPG

Chadraabal is an award-winning artist and arts leader whose paintings and sculptures have been shown and sold in Asia, Europe and North America. He was born in 1979 in rural Mongolia, a large landlocked country between Russia and China.


Chadraabal grew up during the last decade of 70 years of Soviet communist control of Mongolia, allowing him to witness firsthand the dramatic and tumultuous social, political and economic changes that transformed his country into a vibrant, independent free market democracy. He has been influenced and inspired by his grandfather, Nyam, a Tibetan Buddhist monk who survived the Stalin-led genocide of religious and spiritual leaders in the 1930s, as well as by his father, Adyabazar, a well-known artist who continues to create today.

Chadraabal is a prolific painter and sculptor. He is inspired by Mongolia’s rich history, vibrant culture and legacy of building the largest land empire in human history. He is also inspired by his homeland’s stunning natural beauty, big sky and vast landscapes, from the Gobi desert to the Altai mountains.


Since 2004, Chadraabal has been a leader of Mongolian art organizations, a director of galleries and a leader in international art associations. Since 2002, Chadraabal has shown his artwork in 25 international exhibitions, including in France, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, China and Russia. Since 2005, he has received five distinguished art awards in Mongolia and three internationally.

5. Chadraabal.A ''NEW MORNING'' 2022. acrylic on canvas. 91x40 cm.JPG
014. Chadraabal.A ''Near the lake-2''. 2021. oil on canvas. 150x200 cm.jpg
10. Chadraabal.A ''BLUE MORNING'' 2022. Oil on canvas. 45x53 cm.JPG
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