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Mary Lou Sussman

Charlotte, North Carolina

Sussman painting 3 adjusted_edited.jpg

Mary Lou Sussman has been a member of the Charlotte art community for many years and is known as a printmaker, a painter, and art teacher.  

Ms. Sussman grew up in rural Michigan. That flat topography became an important inspiration in her later work.  Later, while at the University of Michigan pursuing studies in Printmaking and Painting, she was introduced to the work of the Impressionists and the Fauves and their expressive use of color. These two elements remain significant influences in her work today.

After college, and a chance visit to an exhibition of “Painterly Prints” at the MOMA, her printmaking work turned away from traditional edition printmaking and toward the flowing and spontaneous energies of these one-of-a-kind monoprints.

In creating a new piece, she first marks the surface with big open scribbles and then begins selecting the primary lines and curves which ultimately define the drawing. Then she adds layers until the piece is finished. 

More recently, her work has tilted back to Painting and some Pastels, both of which continue to reflect her longtime use of color and layered composition.

Ms. Sussman works out of her studio, The Blue Pony Studio and Press near NODA, where she previously owned and operated The Blue Pony Gallery.

Her work is in private and corporate collections across the US and abroad.

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