John Komisin

Charlotte, North Carolina

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John is an architect and artist living in Charlotte.  He grew up in a small river valley borough in gritty western Pennsylvania steel country and received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Penn State. Wanting to experience big city life, he worked in Washington, DC for five years before getting married and relocating to Charlotte four decades ago.  Charlotte has proven to be the ideal location for both professional opportunities and a vibrant arts scene.     
John primarily paints cityscapes and works in oil almost exclusively with palette knives.  The medium and the tools are conducive to building rich textures and more spontaneity in paint application and expression.  His constant challenge is to set aside his professional training and eye for detail to abstract the composition and freely explore the complex maze of materials, shapes, forms, colors and reflections that any composition yields.
He has been a longtime student at Braitman Studio.

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