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Savannah, Georgia

Tianova's obsession with art awakened in her childhood years and classes in secondary art school ignited a fire.


Tatiana Sukhanova (Tianova), an accomplished painter, grew up in Kazakhstan where she received a degree in Fashion Design and a Masters of Fine Arts. Wanting to experience the world, she moved to the United States in 1999 to New York to work in the fashion industry and create art.


Tia’s preferred medium is oil and she paints primarily with palette knives. Her technique intends to transport the viewer to a place between realism and a dreamscape. Her unique style of painting is called spatial realism, in which the space depicted within the same plane and within the framework of the realistic method acquires the effect of three-dimensionality and dynamism due to the expressive means of painting. The use of negative space is meant to be interpreted as a state of mind, from pondering nostalgia to being present. Her mission is for the patron to be illusively lured, through a wide range of emotions, into the fleeting world of escapism.

She now resides in Savannah, Georgia, and is inspired by the historical architecture, cultural atmosphere, and music, and embodies the beautiful city in her work.

Her pieces are exhibited in a number of galleries and private collections throughout the United States.


Musician Series 

Tianova's musician series began in 2022 when she broke her dominant right hand and was only able to paint with her left hand and a pallet knife. She began  painting music while she listened, and the musician series was born. Her recovery and surgery took longer than expected, so she continued to paint with her less dominant hand and a pallet knife until she determined this would be the way to continue painting her musicians. She paints all other work, including her cityscapes and more realism work, with her dominant right hand. 

Blue City Blues Tia.jpeg
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks Tia .jpeg
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