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Rosa Murillo 

Huntersville, North Carolina

Rosa photo.jpg

Rosa, an architect and artist, has always held a fascination for collecting found objects and exploring how to preserve and transform them. She strongly believes that ordinary materials, often deemed disposable, hold the potential to become the narrative of ornate and self-expressive art pieces when viewed through a creative perspective.

Her pieces reflect a fusion of architectural and artistic ingenuity. What sets Rosa's work apart is her use of illustration techniques to apply color to her jewelry. Her pieces offer a unique perspective of metalwork and colorful illustrations with natural and recycled materials.

Rosa Murillo has a degree in architecture with a minor in illustration and sculpture. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Mexico and the USA, and she is the owner and artist behind Muro Jewelry, an art studio based in Huntersville, NC. Since its opening in 2012, Rosa has blended her background in architecture and painting to create stunning wearable art pieces.

"As an artist with a multidisciplinary background, my journey has taken me from architecture to painting and sculpting, ultimately leading me to jewelry making," said Rosa. "Drawing inspiration from my diverse artistic experiences, I craft wearable art pieces that transcend boundaries and ignite a sense of wonder."

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Muro Beach Dangle Earrings.png
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