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Elizabeth Darrow

Wilmington, North Carolina

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Elizabeth Darrow is a widely respected NC-based artist, known for abstract expressionism and paintings with humor. Her works are in private and corporate collections in the US and abroad, as well as in the Cameron Art Museum. 

She works in a variety of styles depending on her medium, but never works “from life” in the traditional sense. Most of the imagery that comes to her seems to hatch of its own accord, emerging from the process. Darrow enjoys working with color, repeating patterns and embedding humor (and angst) into her work. Each piece takes her on a journey of discovery where she hopes to lose herself to the process.


Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Darrow is a 1967 graduate of Oberlin College (Oberlin, Ohio), where she majored in painting. She has been working in oil and collage throughout her career, usually in the manner of Abstract Expressionism. She has made Wilmington her home since 1977. 

Darrow’s work can also be found backstage at the Wilson Center, Cape Fear Community College’s center for performing arts. This group of work was donated to the Wilson Center in celebration of original art by anonymous donors.  

Additionally, a short documentary was created about Elizabeth Darrow’s process for Art in Bloom Gallery in Wilmington, NC. The film was directed by Christina Capra and edited by Jessie Robertson.  The film was accepted into the Cucalorus Film Festival and the Docutime Film Festival and was screened at Historic Thalian Hall in downtown Wilmington, NC.

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