Aaryn Nutter 

Charlotte, North Carolina

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watercolor image.jpg

Aaryn creates expressive, colorful artwork that evokes a sense of whimsy and optimism. Her ultimate goal is to inspire a meaningful connection to the world around us, and in turn one another, by making fine art accessible within everyday life.

Aaryn is an experienced textile designer and 17-year veteran of the fashion industry, and the creative force behind the brand Aaryn West (her husband’s last name is West, so she adopted that into her textile brand name). 

She started her textile design studio in Los Angeles, specializing in unique, trend-forward prints for a notable list of fashion and swimwear clients, domestic and international. Over the next decade, a vibrant and playful aesthetic emerged as she began experimenting with watercolor inks. The result was a rich, expressive style that had the potential to reach a diverse world of products.

Now located here in Charlotte, she also licenses her recognizable paintings and patterns on a variety of everyday products, from bedding to bottles of hard cider. She continues to work with a select number of fashion clients for custom print development. 

Aaryn watercolor stripes.jpeg