Ráed Al-Rawi

Charlotte, North Carolina


Ráed was a political cartoonist in Baghdad, Iraq in the 1970s and has lived in North Carolina now for more than 30 years. 

As a fine art painter Ráed has exhibited his paintings locally in North Carolina, nationally, and internationally. He enjoys teaching art at Central Piedmont Community College and provides additional online classes.

Ráed creates surreal atmospheres that interpret his narrative subjects and express his connections with the world. He uses a dry brush technique in painting in acrylic or oil. This method works as a style he chose when the brush has very little medium mixed with the paint applied on the surfaces. This technique produces a transparent and hazy effect, which helps his subjects have soft and translucent imagery. The fruit of this art is to be shared with the viewer as a visual and emotional connection, sometimes with some sense of humor.

He was selected to create a mural at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and is well known for his anti-gravity themed work.

RAwild salmon.JPG